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Whirlpool Employee Awarded $1 Million In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Carlota Freeman a former Whirlpool employee was awarded $1 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit against Whirlpool. The lawsuit was filed after Freeman was physically beaten and sexually harassment at Whirlpool. The other employee who did the beating, Willie Baker pleaded guilty to beating Freeman on the Whirlpool plant floor in 2004. According to the lawsuit Freeman claimed she was forced to work for two months in a hostile environment with Baker making sexual comments.

Freeman complained to supervisors at Whirlpool about Baker many times over a two-month period but nothing was done to stop the sexual harassment. After that, Baker physically assaulted her and Whirlpool could no longer ignore what was happening as criminal charges were filed against Baker and the authorities were brought it. The Judge in this case said Whirlpool failed to stop the harassment and failed to respond to her complaints.

“They pretty much turned a blind eye and thought this would go away,” said Freeman’s lawyer, Andy Allman.