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Sexual Harassment And Politics

The recent woes of Presidential candidate Herman Cain are a good example of how rampant sexual harassment is in Illinois and the country. Of course now that it is convenient for him he is doing what most do-blaming the victim. He claims the lawsuit was frivolous and the only reason the company he worked for paid the money was to put the matter behind them. But the reality is, you don’t give someone a year’s pay if there is nothing behind the charge. And in this case not just one woman came forward but a second one did as well. I realize two victims don’t fit into the 9-9-9 plan of Mr. Cain. This kind of action creates a hostile work environment for every employee.

In the second case there was apparently an after work party and people were having drinks and appetizers. This is a great place for sexual harassment to take place. First you have alcohol and people. Second you have people in a social setting with alcohol. I think that before companies allow their employees to gather for such events they should give extra training on sexual harassment to prevent this from happening or to put employees on notice of what behavior is appropriate. In the end it cost the company money and now negative publicity.