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Age Discrimination And The Illinois Human Rights Commission

The Illinois Human Rights Commission (“IHRC”) is one of the agencies in Illinois that hears cases involving age discrimination and other forms of discrimination. In order to get a case in front of the IHRC you must first file a complaint alleging discrimination with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR“). The IDHR will conduct an investigation and upon finding substantial evidence will send you the proper documents allowing you to file your complaint with the IHRC. It is very important to understand what takes place at both agencies so you can maximize your chances of success. Remember that one wrong step and your case could end.

So once your age discrimination case makes it to the IHRC what then? Well the good news is you are probably going to end up with a trial in front of an administrative law judge. Unless you have a baseless case this will happen. And the chances of your case being baseless at this point are not great because the case would not have made it from the IDHR. At trial you can ask for your job back which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the company to settle. You can imagine how uncomfortable a company would be if they are ordered to take an employee back after they fired the employee. You can also ask for attorney fees, lost wages and benefits and money for emotional distress as well as any medical bills you may have incurred, including money for a therapist. Make sure you are prepared for your trial at the IHRC and maximize your chances of success.