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Convergys Customer Management Group Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

Convergys Customer Management Group pays $15,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit. The discrimination lawsuit was first filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC“) on behalf of Shannon Fantroy. According to published accounts Convergys violated federal law by refusing to hire Fantroy who was a call center job applicant because he could not work on Saturdays due to his religious beliefs.

This all started when Fantroy answered an online advertisement for a customer service position at Convergys’s call center. Fantroy’s religious beliefs as a Hebrew Israelite require him to observe the Sabbath from sunup until sundown on Saturday. Under the law the company must at least try and work with Fantroy to find a reasonable accommodation for the beliefs of Fantroy. A recruiter for Convergys interviewed Fantroy and told him that he would have to work weekends even though Fantroy told him about his religious beliefs and need for weekends off. The recruiter then told Fantroy that the interview was over unless he could work Saturdays.

“Mr. Fantroy never had a chance to discuss accommodation options because the recruiter simply cut him off once he stated that because of his religious beliefs he could not work on Saturday,” said EEOC attorney Barbara A. Seely.