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Hostile Work Environments At College

So you are in Chicago attending college and your professor is starting to pay extra attention to you. He starts by asking personal questions and now he is sending you text messages. The messages are becoming sexual and you are very concerned. What should you do? Well if this is happening to you, it would be considered sexual harassment. You would have a claim against the college and the professor. You should save the text messages and any other evidence you have of the conduct by the professor. If this is happening to you it would create the equivalent of a hostile work environment. Even though this isn’t a work environment, the principles are the same.

You should then contact an experienced employment lawyer. Most will take your case on contingency fee basis. Remember that even if you end up giving in to the demands of the professor, it would still be sexual harassment because of the control and position of power. You are paying money to attend college and learn–not to be preyed upon. My Chicago office handles many cases like these and colleges usually don’t wish for the matters to become public. Make sure you protect yourself and seek legal advice.