Posted On: February 13, 2013

Sexual Harassment At Universities

The trend in Chicago seems to be that students in higher education are being victimized by their professors. In Illinois if a professor engages in a sexual relationship with a student, it is considered sexual harassment. Of course the professor will many times claim the relationship is consensual and therefore not sexual harassment. The problem with that argument is that a professor has a great deal of power and control over a student and therefore you can't really have consent. Not to mention how unprofessional it is. And if you file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights ("IDHR") you can bet the company will hire an attorney.

Therefore you need to have an attorney as well. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage and go it alone. Many times an employment lawyer will take the case on contingency fee basis so you won't need to put any money up front. You should contact an employment lawyer as soon as someone at school starts to engage in sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be touching, sexual comments, and ask for dates or sex. If you are getting text messages and emails make sure you save them. Electronic messages are one of the best forms of evidence as it shows the date, time, person who sent it and the content of the message. Protect yourself while you are at school.