Posted On: March 9, 2013

What Can You Do About A Hostile Work Environment In Illinois?

Before we discuss what you can do about a hostile work environment in Illinois we need to discuss what is a hostile work environment in Illinois. There is no general harassment law in Illinois. What this means if that the boss can yell at you and scream at you and act like a jackass and there is nothing under the law that you can do about it. The boss just can't single you out or a group of people out based on their gender, or national origin or religious beliefs etc. So if things get so bad that you don't wish to work any longer because of the behavior you have to quit and you get no protection.

It is really important that you discuss what is going on with an employment lawyer because many times, the boss may be targeting you because you are female or for some other discriminatory reason. If the lawyer believes you are being discriminated against he can file a complaint on your behalf with the Illinois Department of Human Rights ("IDHR"). The IDHR will investigate the claim and find either substantial evidence or lack thereof.