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What Is Considered Retaliation If You File A Sexual Harassment Complaint?

So you filed a sexual harassment complaint because of the behavior of your boss. You thought that would be the end of your troubles at work but now it looks like it is only the beginning. Things are getting worse and you believe it is because you filed the sexual harassment complaint. So what is retaliation and how can you prove it? Well retaliation is anything negative that happens to you at work, within a short period of time of complaining about discrimination. This can include a demotion, firing, negative job review, or a changed work assignment.

How you prove it is case specific. So for example, lets say you worked for a company for five years and have nothing but great reviews, your last one taking place in December of 2012. You file a sexual harassment complaint in January of 2013 and now on February 1, 2013 you get called into the office and are told your performance is not too good and you are being put on a performance plan. It would seem hard to believe that your work suddenly went down the drain. It would indicate that you are being punished for reporting sexual harassment and thus you would have a second claim of retaliation.