Posted On: May 16, 2013

New Breed Logistics Pays $1.5 Million in Sexual Harassment Case

A jury awarded $1.5 million to four employees who worked for New Breed Logistics. The lawsuit was based on sexual harassment and retaliation and was first filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's ("EEOC"). According to published accounts New Breed Logistics subjected three female employees to sexual harassment and retaliated against the three female employees and one male employee for opposing the sexual harassment.

The workers were subjected to unwelcome sexual touching and lewd, obscene and vulgar sexual remarks. Additionally a New Breed supervisor fired the three temp workers because they complained about the harassment. The supervisor also retaliated against a male employee by terminating him because he opposed the harassment and agreed to serve as a witness for several claimants during the company's investigation.

"When we are unable to do so, as we have demonstrated yet again, we will try the case to verdict to ensure that employers will be held accountable for discriminatory practices, including sexual harassment, and retaliation against individuals who oppose such misconduct. The EEOC has successfully tried eight cases during this fiscal year prevailing in all but one." said EEOC General Counsel David Lopez.