Posted On: May 6, 2013

Sexual Comments From The Boss

There are many times my Chicago office gets calls from employees who are getting sexual comments from the boss. Sometimes the comments are made in private and sometimes the comments are in front of other employees. What is anything can you do to stop it? Under the law in Illinois those types of comments probably rise to the level of sexual harassment. You should seek out an employment lawyer and file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights ("IDHR"). The IDHR is mandated by law to complete an investigation within one-year. The investigation will be comprised of the investigator talking to witnesses, asking for documents and having a fact-finding conference.

You can also speak to human resources about what the boss is doing, however, you should remember that human resources has the companies best interest in mind not your best interests. There are strict time limits involved in filing a complaint with the IDHR and you should not hesitate to take action. Don't fall victim to sexual harassment in Illinois and make sure you protect your legal rights.