Posted On: May 18, 2013

Sexual Harassment Settlement Talks

So what happens if you are the victim of sexual harassment in Illinois as far as first steps? Well, sometimes it makes sense to first send out a demand letter and try to settle the case as quick as possible. There are a few good reasons for this. It allows you to get guaranteed money now instead of maybe money later. Second, it allows you to get some closure. And lastly, there won't be a record of you ever filing a discrimination complaint, which could cost you a job down the road.

A good and experienced employment lawyer can help you with this and help you negotiate a good settlement. It is my experience that most companies want to settle legitimate sexual harassment cases. If the demand letter is drafted properly and in an organized fashion stating facts, most companies can see the light and liability they have. It is very important to not go it alone because the company will have an attorney and legal advice.