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Dynamic Medical Services Inc. Pays $170,000 To Settle Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Dynamic Medical Services, Inc., agreed to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC“) on behalf of multiple employees. According to published accounts the company required Norma Rodriguez, Maykel Ruz, Rommy Sanchez, Yanileydis Capote and other employees to spend at least half their work days in courses that involved Scientology religious practices. Under the laws the company cannot force employees to participate in religious activities as a work requirement.

Some of the bizarre requirements that company demanded of the employees were to make them scream at ashtrays or have them stare at someone for eight hours without moving. The company also instructed employees to attend courses at the Church of Scientology. I have never seen such a wacky mandate from a company. I can’t imagine being told to behave this way at work. And it gets even crazier. The company required Sanchez to undergo an “audit” by connect­ing herself to an “E-meter,” which Scientologists believe is a religious artifact. When employees did to follow this type of nutty behavior they were fired. As you can see this type of crazy behavior cost the company $170,000.

“We are pleased that we have been able to secure relief for all claimants and class members, and to ensure that policies are in place to prevent religious discrimination at DMS,” said EEOC attorney Robert Weisberg.